The Shhor Zine

Art makes all this AI and tech mumbo jumbo simpler to understand and accessible to everyone. Here's a zine created as part of the Gender Bender Grant by the Goethe Institut and Sandbox Collective, exhibited at Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore.

Other Resources- COMING SOON

A compilation of resources to combat hate speech.

Updated on: July. 20th 2023

Technical Resources

Find out what actions you can take on the respective social media apps. - WIP

Updated on: July. 20th 2023

Legal Resources

Online hate speech can be a punishable offence. Find out if you can file a complaint. - WIP

Updated on: July. 20th 2023

Mental Health Resources

Online hate can get to you. Unwind with these mental health resources. - WIP

Help build a safer internet for all. Together, we shall Shh the Hate & let Love make all the Shhor!

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